Funeral homes are now faced with a variety of challenges that did not exist 20 years ago. While digitization has made it easier than ever to connect with communities and families, it has also become easier for corporate entities and third-party opportunists to profit from the obituaries you put online. Our goal at the National Obituary Registry is to empower and enable funeral homes to take charge of their online presence and minimize the damage that can be done. We've put together a test for you to see if your funeral home’s online obituaries, family data, website traffic and profits are being taken right from under you. Take the test and one of our team members will see if your funeral home is currently at risk, and then get in touch with you with the results.

More About The National Obituary Registry

By leveraging comprehensive digital strategies to connect online visitors with your firm, we're helping families and friends connect in a single place, while finally putting money back in your pocket that has traditionally gone elsewhere. Enough is enough. It is time to take back control and build a better future for funeral service. At the National Obituary Registry we're here to help you protect what's yours.

Protect Your Obituaries

We educate funeral homes on the importance of basic copyright laws and how to use them to their advantage to protect their online obituary data.

Protect Your Website Traffic

Website traffic is a crucial factor for every funeral home, which is why we are helping funeral homes across North America take back control of their web presence.

Protect Your Families

The National Obituary Registry provides families with resources and tools to help them make informed decisions and connect with trusted funeral professionals.

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